Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The First 100 Hours - NY Times

The New York Times has a nice little piece online showing you the main pieces of the Democratic Party agenda for the first 100 hours.

The First 100 Hours
The Democratic leaders of the House of Representative are moving to pass their 100-hour legislative agenda, but the bills will still need Senate approval and President Bush's signature to become law. 

It shows the six main agenda items with the House proposal, the schedule, the Senate's view and the Administration's view.

Under the schedule they will show you when it is scheduled for a vote and if the vote has taken place it will show something like this:

From the vote on the:

Sept. 11

Date: Jan. 9
Hour: 6
Vote: 299-128
Republicans in Favor: 68

They also give you a link in the schedule area for "related" articles.

I am hoping they will keep this updated online at the same web address. This would make this a great link to send out to your friends and family so they can easily see and read the progress of the Democratic Party's "First 100 Hours".

To see and read the whole thing go here: