Friday, June 13, 2008

Next on Meet the Press

While still basking in the afterglow of our very special interview with Rep. Dennis Kucinich, I learned of the sad news of the passing of NBC commentator, Tim Russert. Many of us felt a connection to Tim as we had our weekly Sunday rendezvous with him during Meet the Press. I know I certainly did. I was shocked to hear that, at the young age of 58, he had suffered from an apparent heart attack while in studio recording voiceovers for his show. It certainly gives pause for thought.

The media and the American audience has been dealt a great loss today.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Afflicted by Manifest Injury

On Monday Rep. Dennis Kucinich delivered a riveting, concise soliloquy that would rival a closing argument by Vincent Bugliosi. For nearly five hours Rep.Kucinich cited 35 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush on the floor of the House. It was nearly midnight in D.C. when he wrapped up. He had previously authored H.R 333 calling for the impeachment of Dick Cheney which passed in November but has since had no action taken. While it is doubtful that we will actually witness the impeachment of those who have committed the most impeachable of offenses, it is of great importance that Kucinich has documented this administration's numerous crimes and has them on the record. Perhaps it will open the door for action at a later time. It is refreshing to know that not only is someone who has been elected to represent We The People willing to stand up to those who have failed to uphold their Constitutional oath and who have committed crimes upon us and upon others in our name, but has been relentless in his perseverance to expose the emperor's lack of clothing - even if it would seem that his suit is made of Teflon.

On Friday at noon Rep. Kucinich is expected to join us on Equal Time Radio to discuss his bill.

To read his bill and to contact him to give thanks:

Monday, June 09, 2008

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - The Fall Out

I have been thinking about the fall out of the long Democratic primary race. Has this primary harmed the Democratic party and our primary system or has it helped.

I looked at this through many different angles, I talked to others in person and online, I read what others had to say and what others screamed about. Some thought Hillary Clinton was "destroying the party" by continuing in this primary long after they and some in the media thought she should drop out. Others came to the same conclusion that I did, they thought it was a good thing for the Democratic party and for politics in general in this country.

The following comes from a friend and fellow blogger.
From Associated Content

The Democratic primary, for all of its faults--such as the use of the undemocratic and under representing caucuses and the infamous super-delegates--has finally brought out two of the Democratic parties biggest base of supporters in large and vocal numbers. Women and African-Americans have finally broken into the top tier of presidential politics because of two worthy and credible candidates in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. These two candidates have done more to energize, educate and activate the citizens of the United States to become involved in the politics of choosing the president. They have allowed more people to understand that their voice and their collective voices can and will be heard. For this, they are both winners in my book.


These two candidates have brought out over 17 million people each to vote for them, for a combined total of over 35 million and rising. Every state that has voted in this primary cycle, has had record turnouts in activism, at rallies and on voting day. The numbers of people that have joined the democratic party is one of the highest ever if not the highest ever, with more joining the party and the process every day. The amount of money that has been raised by small donors, for each candidate, is staggering and historical. Even tho many would like to see money and its influence taken out of politics, the fact that the Democrats have been able to out raise the Republicans at all levels, is simply a huge show of support by the American people for these two candidates and the Democratic party


... This presidential primary has reinvigorated the people and the process for the better. I believe this change will last for decades.

Thank you Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all of their supporters. You have brought back my faith in the American people to do what is right.

More at Associated Content

After last Tuesdays (6-2-08) final primary elections, some thought Hillary Clinton should have conceded right then, I disagreed. That was not the time or the place to properly thank her thousands of volunteers and millions of supporters. It also would not have done justice to her upcoming endorsement of Barack Obama (come on, we all knew she would). She had also won one of the two states that night.

So that Saturday (6-7-08) she gave the speech and the endorsement that I knew she would give.

Read the transcript here.

Hillary Clinton showed that she is an American first, a Democrat second and always a fighter for what is just and right! In that speech she showed why this primary needed to happen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama brought out the fight and the spirit that has been lacking in this country for much too long. We owe them our thanks and our votes!

Having been a John Edwards supporter first, I believe that it was he who first showed both Obama and Clinton that they must fight. That fight, is for the people and for our constitution.