Friday, May 02, 2008

Tim Garon, R.I.P.

Another loss to the inequity and absurd workings of the medical system of the United States. Here, in the only industrialized nation that does not consider health care a right to its people, the question must be asked - who merits the right to live? Should one be denied the right to life due to what is considered to be unacceptable extracurricular activity? If participation is prescribed from a doctor to relieve the pain and nausea from a hideous disease, is it still unacceptable? And if a person is of means to simply purchase any medical treatment necessary, would they still be denied? When does the withholding of such treatment to the person without means become unacceptable?

Tim Garon will never know the answers to theses questions. He died awaiting hope, only to be treated like a criminal. The world has lost a talented musical artist. May his death, and of others like him taken unnecessarily too soon, be a reminder of what's wrong within our borders. May it also propel others to work for what's right.

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