Thursday, January 11, 2007

First 100 Continued

Well, looks like the Dems are off and running. While I have strong feelings regarding Nancy Pelosi's remarks regarding the possibility of impeachment proceedings (about which I have previously stated), so far, so good on the embarkment of the first 100 hours promise. With the passage of the enactment of the 9/11 Commission recommendations, we've had a nice follow-up:

Minimum Wage Increase:

Date: Jan. 10
Hour: 12
Vote: 315-116
Republicans in Favor: 82

Fund Stem Cell Research:

Date: Jan. 11
Hour: 17
Vote: 253-174
Republicans in Favor: 37

Also of note, but I don't have all of the specifics as of yet are:

Ethics Package (will ban gifts from lobbyists and require full disclosure of earmarks):

Date: Jan. 5
Vote: 232-200

Pay As You Go

Date: Jan.5
Vote: 232-200

To keep abreast as things progress, watch these links: