Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Cartoon Gets The Nobel Peace Prize - in 1939

The only cartoon ever nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, this 1939 Hugh Harman cartoon shows a post-apocalyptic world populated by animals picking up the pieces after a war kills every human on earth.

Tell us your thoughts. How do you feel this cartoon speaks to today? Some of the comments left at the original site of this video seem to come from koolaid drinkers.

Some thoughts by Thom Hartmann:
It was broadcast in the US just after Germany had pre-emptively invaded Poland, a protest against Bush-Iraq-style pre-emptive wars, and before the US was attacked at Pearl Harbor and thus entered WWII.

Remember, 911 is not the same as Pearl Harbor. Bin Laden and the Taleban were not working with Iraq (so 911 has nothing to do with Iraq) but Japan was working with Nazi Germany and Germany had been attacking supply convoys to England.

Orginally found on Thom Hartmann's site.

Video comes from DailyMotion


Jeffrey Richardson said...

9/11 is more like Pearl Harbor than you know, Traci. Historians generally agree that Roosevelt and his administration knew it was coming, but allowed it to transpire for their own mysterious reasons (some say because responding would give away knowledge of the Japanese code, others say because Roosevelt wanted us to go to war)

This is exactly analogous to 9/11, an event that Bush and his goons knew was coming, and one that many believe was actually assisted by agents of the administration.

Larry Silverstein, owner of the WTC complex, was caught on camera saying he authorized the "pull"ing of World Trade Center 7, abuilding that collapsed in the same way as building 1 and 2, but without a dramatic plane crash to give an excuse.

By the way, "pull" is construction industry jargon for controlled demolition.

Check out for more information. Once you know the truth, the whole "War on Terror", including the phony ties to Iraq, becomes totally ridiculous on its face.

We're being hosed just like the poor Japanese Americans in the forties. Only our cages are constructed of television screens and low-wage jobs.

frank said...

Peace On Earth was the most amazing animation I have ever seen. I bought it on video for my kids when they were little and they loved it. So did I.Nothing Disney ever did even came close as far as message and power is concerned.