Friday, June 08, 2007

What Next!? ... Time To Go Home...

The following is from Dkos:

Pace Fired Because He Balked at Iran

This isn't good news.


I've been writing for over a year now that the Joint Chiefs have been blocking the White House's efforts to expand the war to Iran. No matter what you might think of Gen. Pete Pace, this really is TERRIFYING news, unless you crave a wider war in the Persian Gulf and South Asia.

Pace has been the most visible symbol of the push-back within the military against the Long War.

MORE below . . . 54911/3350

PLEASE Read the information linked above and respond, react, DO Something!

Use the following link to help contact your elected representatives and the media. Please do this.

While you are reading the above information and reacting, please listen and watch the song/video from Michael Franti and Spearhead. It may just be the catalyst that you need to take action!

Time To Go Home:

To see and read the lyrics for the great song, please go to the following link and scroll down a bit:
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Anonymous said...

How can you be surprised?

It's all laid out in the PNAC plan that your hero clinton signed off on.

Betcha you didn't know clintons kosovo bombing (based on lies) was a PNAC project, didja.

Of course not, because you're stuck in delusion. Your "party" is better than the other "party".

You and all the other lemmings deserve the coming fascist police state.

Enjoy it. And you will, as long as one of your idiot (D)ems are shooing your ass into a gulag.

TKelly said...

First of all, nowhere do you see me singing the praises of Clinton, let alone calling him my hero. Although I will say that, while I have a few issues with Bill myself, he was still preferable to the current administration. If I were to use the same logic that you employ, I would assume that you are enamored with Bush, and his fascist regime, because you don't like Clinton. But I would not assume such. What I do know is that it is very easy to hurl insults when you can hide behind the veil of anonymity. Constructive criticism is welcome, but please refrain from name calling or displays of delusional superiority.