Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shocking Discovery Inside a Baghdad Orphanage

There is absolutely nothing more I can say on this horrific subject, as I'm completely speechless and can barely see the computer monitor through tear filled eyes. Lara Logan, who witnessed this appalling and sickening scene, takes you there in gut wrenching but compassionate detail.

See the video here (yes, you'll have to sit through an advertisement first, but the story will follow).


Mary Ellen said...

This was such a sad story, yet it brought so much joy to my heart to see the humanity that our soldiers brought to those young children. I can't understand how anyone can watch a child suffer and ignore their basic needs. The description of the woman who worked there, who was smiling for the camera's as if there was nothing wrong with the treatment they gave to these children just made my blood boil.

I don't agree with why we were brought into this war, but I do respect our troops and know that they are doing the best they can do in a very bad situation.

Great blog...I'm glad I found it.

TKelly said...

Thank you Mary Ellen. I agree with you whole heartedly. Perhaps the most shocking part was that the same guy that ran this orphanage also ran others that were not in the same condition. These children were truly thought of as throw-aways and somehow less than human. The soldier that kept coming back to brush the teeth of these boys truly deserves a medal. He is one of the people that serve us well and make us proud despite the horrors that they were sent into to be made a part of.