Monday, March 19, 2007

We Just Need a Little Patience

A quote from Axl Rose, you might ask? No, that would be from our fearless leader asking us, once again, to be understanding of the never ending tidal wave of bad judgments that he continues to make. Never mind that we are the ones who must live with the consequences. And as we enter into the fifth year of the mess he created in Iraq, I am reminded that we here at home are the lucky ones. We, at least, get the opportunity to live at all. With over 3,000 of our soldiers killed (suicide victims and others who died while not actually in combat remain uncounted, as do private contractors), numerous allied soldiers, and hundreds of thousand Iraqi men, women and children have died unnecessarily, we celebrate yet another milestone.

But all that seems to be required is that we be a bit more patient. It seems to me that we stood by a little too patiently as we were fed lie after lie to launch the so-called "pre-emptive strike" and are still standing idly by four years later. We sat back patiently as another election was stolen. It was taken so easily the first time as such a laid-back nation neglected to cry out, how could it go wrong a second? Heck, those nice people won't mind waiting in line for hours on end, because their Democratic leaning precinct doesn't need all those voting machines, just to cast a vote. Unless, of course, they grow too impatient and decide to go home without casting it at all. We were all too patient as our telephone calls were listened to, our e-mails read, our bank statements perused. Not even the repeal of habeas corpus, which entitled us to speedy and fair trial accompanied by an attorney, would even ruffle our feathers. In fact, you don't even have to tell us what crime we're being charged with.

So we just need a little more patience, Mr. Bush? Tell that to the families in New Orleans who waited on their rooftops for nearly a week pleading for help as they treaded the rising toxic waters and watched their loved ones float by. To those same people who still have no homes, no hospitals, no functioning police stations a year and a half later. To the mothers who had to bury their babies because they were unable to pull them from the sludge. To the mothers who have buried their sons and daughters because you refuse to end the madness you created in the war torn land once known as one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

I'd like to raise my glass to toast this anniversary Mr. President, but I'm afraid I've grown a bit too impatient.,1,112983.story?coll=la-headlines-world


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I linked to this fine post today.

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When TK writes, TK gets it right! (the good right, not the neo-con right)

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