Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This Is Sick and Wrong!

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What is wrong with this country? Why do the rich and powerful hate the American people? Do you think that any of them would use or are using illegal drugs to cope with their pain and illness? No... what was I thinking... how stupid could this common person be.

Even tho I do not smoke pot, I find this to be ridiculous and WRONG!

Court: Dying can be charged for using marijuana

If I was dying I would use whatever drug made my life bearable... no matter what! If using some supposed "bad drug" made my life as a sick person bearable and possibly better so that I may heal, then I should be allowed to use it... No Matter What!

So pot is worse then gdub's buddies corporate made drugs?


Just move along now. Nothing to see here. Don't look at that person, they mean nothing to you.