Saturday, March 07, 2009

Steven Colbert, Glenn Beck and FEAR!

Steven Colbert takes on glenn beck and the crazies at fox news. Even during the bush administration all they had to sell to the American people and the world was fear. You would think that they would have noticed that the vast majority of people in this country voted for HOPE, Change and Courage!

Here we have Steven Colbert telling us about beck' new War Room". This is followed by Steven Colbert's own version of the War Room called the "DOOM Bunker"

Have fun.

Steven Colbert and glenn beck's War Room.

Steven Colbert's DOOM Bunker.

When do we start referring to these people as crazy ass fear mongers who hate what the United States of America is REALLY all about? They only care about power and money. Wake up limbots! (previously known as republicans and conservatives)