Sunday, July 06, 2008

"A cookout with some bastards" - by johnny venom @ MyDD

A friend of mine just turned me on to a diary written over at MyD called: A cookout with some bastards.

This is one of the funniest and scariest diaries I have read in some time. His experiences with his conservative/republican friends and family are just amazing. I wonder how many of you have had the same experiences?

It amazes me how dense people can be about the truths that stare them in the face. How ill informed so many people in the country are. What dittoheads and lock steppers the republican base is. It is like they do not have a original, true and genuine thought in their head.

I will give you a taste of "johnny venom's" diary, but for the full experiance, you must visit A cookout with some bastards at MyDD.

Every year I attend a BBQ held by a friend of the family. Her name is Deborah and sadly is a big-time Republican, though oddly enough not so much a conservative (well socially at least). Now her late father and my father go way back, fought together in North Africa in WW2, so these people are practically family. Well, as mentioned, she holds an Independence Day BBQ cook out every year, and my father goes out of respect... and a free meal. Outside of me, sometimes, he's the only other non-Republican at these things.

Now, since 2000, since I started finding myself parting ever farther from Republican politics, my appearances at this cook out have been on and off. The reason being was that many of the folks there are die hard conservatives, and arguments tended to be twenty to one. You can probably guess who was that 'one.' Its a real turn about, considering, that Debbie was the person that got me into politics (particularly the GOP) when I was a young Johnny Venom. The folks at the BBQ were my political kin for a long time, and when I turned the other way, it came to them as a shock.
You'd be amazed, once you change parties, how fast your "friends" can quickly become your enemies. Well, it's not like they wish me ill will, well most of them don't, just that they find it much better if I weren't voting ...

Now conversations ebb and flow on all sorts of things. So, instead, I'm just gonna break them down by topics. You don't really have to know their names, they're conservatives. And, for the most part, you've probably already got an idea on what they are going say for the most part. Still, allow me to irritate your senses a bit just to show you what kind of assholes we're dealing with who want more power or at least keep what they got ...

"Barack Obama"

Deborah finally came to our table. She saw my Obama button (fuck it, I wear that everywhere!) and she gave a sour face to me. Suddenly, she rubbed her forearm and then pointed at my button.

Deborah: You see this John? Whit skin. You think he likes that? No way. I wouldn't vote for an anti-Semite, he hates Jews John. You know he's really a Muslim, don't you?

Me: Deb, that's a bunch of crap, and you know it. There is no way in hell I'm going to believe all that. Besides, the man's half white, for crying out loud!

Female Plastics Lady: But still a Muslim.

Me: No, he's not!

Deborah: How do you know? The media? They want a black person in so they can feel better about themselves.

Me: Because he isn't. And as for the media...huh?

Old Male Conservative Engineer: And how about that reverend? You telling me, for twenty years he didn't know what kind of church that was.

Me: Wait a minute, if you're admitting he went to church, then you are in agreement he isn't a Muslim?

Old Male Conservative Engineer: No, because they can hide their faith very well.

Me: I think you're crazier than Janis (Middle Age Female Conservative)!

This is just a taste, so please give yourself a treat and a headache and read the rest for yourself.