Monday, March 03, 2008

The Progressive 'Sphere' Grows with EENR

Recently I came across a new Progressive Blog called EENR Progressive Blog.

Our acronym, "Edwards Evolution, Next Revolution," reflects the formation of the EENR group originally as Edwards Evening News Roundup for supporters of John Edwards during the 2008 presidential primary.
Now I might have called it "EENR Progressives Blog" or maybe "EENR Progressive Revolution" (partially playing on what EENR stands for that I quoted above), but that is just me.

What strikes me as a positive, for this new place in the progressive 'sphere', is that they are encouraging more diaries to be written about issues, causes and local races rather than the presidential candidates. It is these presidential 'candidate' diaries that have taken over and ruined so many of the best progressive/liberal/Democratic blogs out there, mainly because of all the mean spirited infighting by supporters of candidates, trolls and freepers.

This little place here, called Washington Woman, would like to one day achieve what EENR is and hopefully will continue to be. A sane place for discussion and action on important issues, causes, events and yes... candidates.

One of the better diaries written at EENR, in my opinion, would be this diary:

Women's History Month: The 19th Amendment

The author of this diary plans on doing a series for the month that are relevant to Women's History Month.

Go ahead and check out the new EENR blog and let us know what you think.


As always, one of our FAVORITE places will always be the blog and website for Equal Time Radio.