Friday, December 14, 2007

Dec. 15th 2007 is Bill Of Rights Day

This saturday Dec. 15th 2007 is Bill Of Rights Day.

I would expect to see the liberal/progressive blogs pushing this as a way to fund raise for our candidates and for our rights, but I see little.

I am a John Edwards supporter because I believe he is honest with his support of We The People, Our Constitution and Our Bill Of Rights.

For more information concerning Our Bill Of Rights go here:

For information on where and how you can help celebrate Bill Of Rights day go here:

In my town we are celebrating it here: (7pm to 9pm)

One last thing, some Dennis Kucinich supporters are attempting a huge one day donation drive on Dec. 15th.

See more info here:

and here:

As I mentioned, I support John Edwards but I wish the Kucinich supporters all the best with this fund raiser.