Friday, February 09, 2007

Worn in the USA pt.2

Here are a few interesting follow-ups in regards to what's being done about the corruption and abuses in the Mariana Islands:

Hopefully, we'll see some some changes made and an attentive eye kept towards maintaining the clean-up.


mirth said...

Tom Delay may be the most soulless man on the planet and why he isn't in prison is beyond my understanding.
The shame of the Marianas, both of the working conditions and all of those who profit from such disgrace, is one of the stories that can get lost in the whiplash news of today. Thank you for reporting this.

TKelly said...

I couldn't agree more. In fact, I saw Tom DeLay on Faux News about a week or so ago looking as smug as ever and offering advice on the candidates. Of course, nothing surprises me from a network that gives Oliver North his own show. It is a fine line between war criminal and war hero, isn't it? Almost as close as president and king. Just when did these lines get so dramatically blurred? I think the entire nation could use a new prescription for their lenses.